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Novia's Story & Purpose


Novia never saw herself as a speaker, let alone a transformational speaker, yet, during her tenure as a missionary teacher in South Korea, Novia had to preach and host a seminar. God used these two unique and unexpected encounters to reveal His will for her to use her voice— the voice for which she was once mocked due to her strong accent— as a vessel to encourage, enrich, and transform lives, in some measure.


Novia speaks for worship services, women’s events, and commencement ceremonies, and ably tailors her messages to suit her audience’s needs. She is passionate about applying God’s word to our daily lives. Novia helps women develop and nurture an evolving and intimate relationship with God and walk in their sacred calling. Novia’s passion extends to guiding women to realize and live their worth and heal from past wounds, so they live whole, joyful, and purposeful lives, be themselves, and have genuine healthy, enduring friendships and relationships.



“Her delivery sets her apart from others” Christine M.



Speaking tributes 













"On behalf of Infinity Diamond Club and the We Are 1 Conference committee, I would like to THANK you for an excellent job well done. This conference was by far one of the best we have had and I attribute its success to your willingness to come and share your gifts and talents. Your workshop was great and participants enjoyed your presentation immensely. "Never Settle for Less" really awakened individuals to evaluate where they are in their lives. The information presented helped to show them how they may have or are currently settling in different areas of their lives. Thank you!!!"

~ Anne & Priscilla Ross, WeAre1 Conference

“Novia has a unique way of inviting you into the heart of her story. Her words have inspired many to stay focused on their Christian walk. She skillfully ties in concepts such as dating, sexual purity, and Christian living, while offering a message of faith, hope, and love. She is able to touch on issues that are current and culturally relevant to help us to grow spiritually. Novia is great at relating to her audience whether young or old. It is great to see a young woman who is not only a powerful speaker, but one who has been used by God to help others in a mighty way.”

~ Jessica Garcon, Former Young Adult Speaker


“Novia's presentation at the Women's Retreat in Miramar Beach, FL, was amazing.  Her knowledge on the topic was obvious and from the attendance we realized it was much needed. Her scope and depth of the subject matter made a connection with the audience. I look forward to having her present sometime in the near future. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues. “

~ Sonia Paul, Women’s Ministries Director, SCC

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