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Empowering change.

Whether through spoken word, coaching, or written works, it's a sacred honor to help others find healing and change, nurture healthy relationships, and rediscover and reclaim their authentic selves.

Helping women to regain their identities.

Regain Your Core™ is a tailored coaching program to help women who have lost themselves from traumas, setbacks, and heartbreaks regain their identities. Learn more by watching the video below.

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Off the field with Dr. Novia.

An avid Philadelphia Eagles fan and supporter of healthy relationships and wellness among sports entities, Dr. Novia welcomes inquiries from sports organizations, including the NFL and its teams. Dr. Novia is available for consultations, workshops, and retreats focused on mental health, cultivating healthy relationships, effective communication, empathy, vulnerability, inclusivity, and forgiveness.


Join the YouTube Community.

You can find inspiration, encouragement, and enrichment about healing, growth, and living authentically

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