Meet Novia

Novia Reid, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist pursuing her Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy, specializing in couple therapy. Though versed in various evidence-based therapeutic models, Novia is drawn to and practices the solution focused approach. Novia has counseled adults, couples, and families on a wide range of diagnoses and challenges including, but not limited to depression, relationship issues, conflict, trauma, and self-worth. Novia has a niche for helping women who have lost themselves from relationships regain their identities and helping couples heal from infidelity. Her work with women led her to develop the 90-day coaching program, Regain Your Core.


Novia delivers keynotes, workshops, and seminars for women, mixed audiences, and faith-based organizations. She has spoken in South Korea and within the United States on building healthy relationships, self-forgiveness, empathy, spiritual growth, and other diverse subjects. Her speaking style is authentic, relatable, and engaging, and her ability to captivate audiences, young and old, has resonated with attendees who have called her “gifted” and their “missing piece.” Novia integrates her knowledge as a therapist and personal stories to share thought-provoking messages that evoke inspiration and transformation within her audiences.


Novia has authored articles in The New Social Worker Magazine, Hope for Women Magazine, and The Praying Woman blog. However, the written work that has brought her the most joy is her three books, Just You and I: Devotions from the Heart, Woman this is for You, and FROM my EYES: Stories and Reflections for Men. Novia presently resides in Southeastern Florida.